Rainy Lake Boat Taxi

Fall is near.

Another great summer has past. The weather in general was fabulous. The boat taxi was very busy and with the addition of the barge we were able to serve our customers better. Next year I will have a dumpster in my yard and will be taking out the trash for our taxi customers. We may even do a weekly garbage pickup for those summer residence who want the garbage off there property. 
Also we aleady have several runs with barge cleaning up property's. Old fridges ,hot water heaters,derelict boats and lots of other junk. Call or email for a pickup. 
Lawn mowing is getting busy. If your lawn needs mowing this fall while you are at home let me know. Also I can keep things looking nice for your arrival next summer. We have all our own equipment for lawn care. Carol can even plant flowers so they are in full bloom when you arrive. 
Well that's it for now. I will blog in a month or so with some fall news. 
Al & Carol.