Rainy Lake Boat Taxi

Winter is near.

Well another season is drawing too a close. The boat taxi is still in the water for at least another 10 days. The barge was pulled a couple of weeks ago. All the summer residence have left and the only ones remaining are a few locals and some hunters. The summer was another great one for the RLBT crew. The new barge worked great. Some improvements will be done to the barge over the winter. We have aleady booked several jobs and Carol is pumped as she will do most of the driving.

Some new services are in the works for next season. One being a dumpster in my yard. This means the boat taxi can dispose of your trash and we will even try a weekly garbage pickup at your property. Fees per bag will apply. Prices to be determined. Also will be purchasing a chipper/shredder. This means I can come to your property and chip debris on site. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the new year along with winter snow and ice reports up here on Rainy. As well as ice out predictions. 

Thanks everyone for your continued support. 
Al and Carol.